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madden 25 qb ratings

Madden 25 QB Ratings

Madden 25 QB Ratings are more important than ever this year for Madden 25 Football.  If Madden 25 is anything like NCAA 14, the option read will be huge, combined with the run free addition.  Here are our top 2 Madden 25 QB Ratings for utilizing the run free addition, and the Option read.  These are the top 2 QBs in the game that not only play well through the air but will cause some Chaos if you let them ‘Run Free’.  On this list you will not see V. Young and his 85 SPM, Dennis Dixon and his 90 JKM, or Tim Tebow and his 86 TRK. For the purpose of this article we are using the last roster update for Madden NFL 13.

1.  Colin Kaepernick

Last Year Colin Kaepernick replaced Alex Smith in the regular season and pushed the 49ers to the Super Bowl his strong arm and his ability to avoid a sack and run down the field. Kaepernick doesn’t have the 1 attributes that jump out at you and make him great in the open field, instead he has some good numbers that will move the chains on a critical 3rd down.  He had 89 speed per the last updated rosters as well as a solid spin move (86), and juke move (88) to confuse defenders down the field, and with Frank Gore, and the weapons he has at the WR position, seeing Kaepernick run may be just one of the worries you have when facing the 49ers.  In Our Opinion His strong arm surpasses RG3 that’s why he is # 1 in our Madden 25 QB Ratings.

2. Robert Griffin III

RG was the most explosive QB in the league last year schocking his critics. The Pistol used by the Redskins’ offense utilized RG3 as a dual threat QB. RG3 is the quickest QB in this group, If he retains his 92 SPD rating, but it is his 94 Elusiveness Rating and his 93 Spin that makes just getting a finger on him a problem. With new ‘Precision Modifiers’ for guys who have a 90+ rating at any given attribute makes RG3′s spin move about as deadly as the Taz Devil. Couple that with a strong Pistol formation and the threat of him dropping back with a PA Pass,  and passing it 70+ yards makes defensive gurus stay discipline when this guy is under center.  Injuries may be an issue for RG3, thats one of the main reasons we have him at #2 in our Madden 25 QB Ratings.

These are our Madden 25 qb ratings for the Top 2 Quarterbacks in Madden 25 Football, In our opinion, these 2 QBs Will get abused this year.  So Prepare.

Madden 25 qb ratings

Madden 25 qb ratings


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